FAQ: Person-Centered Ways to Build Community with PATH and MAPS

Our Intention

This course is a full-on experience for all of us. The pandemic squeezed us to attempt the course virtually. It keeps us learning and pushing our edges. This will be a hands-on, collaborative learning experience for everyone. Together, we will create a learning community – so we need full attendance and presence.  This FAQ is offered to clarify some of our hopes, intentions and expectations.

~ Jack Pearpoint and Lynda Kahn, Course Guides 

COURSE DATES for the FALL 2024 workshop

Course times are posted in Eastern time/Toronto. We anticipate participants from different time zones and continents. Please use this World Clock to confirm the time in your location https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

Five full days-  Each day, we will start at 9:30 am and end at 4:30 pm Eastern. The daily workshop will be in two blocks of 3 hours (with breaks) and one hour for lunch. 

MORNING SESSIONS: 9:30 am – 12:30 pm Eastern; BREAK 12:30-1:30 pm Eastern; AFTERNOON SESSIONS: 1:30 pm4:30 pm Eastern 

  • Tuesday, October 22, 2024, a two-hour ORIENTATION Session from 9:30-11:30 am Eastern
  • Tuesday, October 29 (Listening Practices, Values; Circles of Support; Solution circles)
  • Wednesday, October 30 (Values, Listening Practices, PATH intro; PATH demonstration; Form PATH practice teams)
  • Friday, November 1 (PATH Practice in teams, and more)
  • Tuesday, November 19 (Reconnecting, ‘Practice and Stretch’ Check-in; MAPS intro and MAPS Demonstration)
  • Wednesday, November 20 (MAPS Practice in teams)



Upon your registration and confirmation of your preferred shipping address, we will ship you a course resource pack (included in your registration fee). There are three (3) course books (below), several person-centred posters, a Workshop Journal, and a Learning Journey Booklet included.  Note: Standard shipping in North America is included. Expedited shipping and International shipping will be additional. Graphic supplies are at your own expense.  See our recommended list of supplies here.

GRAPHICS SUPPLIES and MATERIALS: Get your supplies before the course begins! Each participant will want to have a Sketch pad, water-colour/washable markers (thin and thicker chisel tip), soft chalk pastels, and wall chart/ mural roll paper used in graphic facilitation for practice on wall space.  Supply list here.

PHOTO PHONE and EMAIL DIRECTORY: We create a photo phone directory to find each other ongoing.  Each participant will be asked to confirm their preferred contact information (including email and telephone (s), and to send us a headshot photo for our participant email directory. The Directory will only be shared with the workshop group, so a selfie from your iPhone is fine. 

ZOOM!! We will use Zoom, so you need to download the most current version.  The course is designed so each person can be seen and heard on an individual Zoom screen (not in a group). A laptop or iPad is preferable to a telephone for this course.

PADLET ~ We will use Padlet during the course to share resources and as a bulletin board and space to harvest our work. Padlet is Free. Posts to Padlet can also be made anonymously without an account.

Lu.ma: You will be asked to also ‘Register’ on an event management platform we are using, lu.ma. It sends a ‘calendar save’, session reminders and the Zoom link we use in your local time zone. We will send the lu.ma link to each course participant.


  • We encourage you to form an intention for your learning journey in this course.  Bring Curiosity, an Open Mind, an Open Heart and an Open Will to your learning and engagement.
  • We expect you to step into 1 or 2 of the three main roles in the PATH and MAPS processes. The roles are the Focus Person of the PATH or MAP, the Process Facilitator, and the Graphic Facilitator. We will form small teams for PATH and MAPS practice (3 or 4 people) to engage everyone as fully as possible as we learn together.
  • There are suggested readings before and during the course.  There are readings outlined as guides.  Reading and reviewing will positively impact your learning – especially before the demonstrations.  These readings are not overwhelming – but they are essential. 
  • There is a time for practice between the PATH and MAPS sessions.   We hope that participants will do their best to ‘practice’ (hands-on engagement) with real people between sessions, if possible.  As a minimum – components of the conversational practices of PATH and MAPS and other facilitation practices we engage in through the course can be ‘practiced’ between sessions with your family, co-workers and beyond. 
  • We hope people’s commitment is ongoing – with other participants, colleagues, and families. This course is an invitation and a challenge for deep engagement.  We hope you share that deep commitment.


  • Engage in and experience many facilitation practices together throughout the course.
  • Observe or participate in the PATH and MAPS demonstrations with someone from the workshop.
  • Step into and experience at least one of the following three roles during the course: as the focus person of a PATH or MAPS process, the graphic facilitator, or the process facilitator.
  • Engage in practices and reflect on the learning.  There will be exercises in pairs and small breakout groups.  The course will have no more than 25 participants.  Prioritizing comfort and engagement, the sessions will include health and body breaks.
  • Stretch! We recognize, ‘The greatest learning is in the Stretch!‘ That is how we learn, stepping outside what’s the most comfortable for us. Participants should anticipate stepping up and taking a stretch during the course, entering various roles in the planning process.
  • Use Padlet as a Harvest Board. Padlet is Free. Padlet Instructions (Google Chrome works best) 1.  Go to http://padlet.com/ 2.  Sign up [suggest using a Padlet account rather than Google or Facebook]3.  Once registered, sign in. Posts to Padlet can also be made anonymously without an account.
  • ‘Register’ on lu.ma – an event management platform we use. You will receive timely reminders and the Zoom link we are using through this app.
  • Receive a Course Overview and Outline, Zoom Tips and the materials list needed for graphics.

DO I NEED TO ATTEND all the days?

Yes. The course is not designed for partial attendance.

A FRAME for the course:

  • An Orientation (2 hours in advance of the first full day of the course);
  • An ‘Inhale’: three (3) days focused on foundations of facilitation, graphics, and PATH;
  • an ‘Exhale’ when we trust you will be practicing steps of PATH and/or other facilitation practices we experience together;
  • An ‘Inhale’: two (2) days focused on MAPS; and
  • an ‘Exhale’ including practice.

We want you to enjoy your participation.  We also respect your schedules and count on you to be fully present for all sessions and to advise us if you face a time conflict.


  • A Course Overview and Outline will be shared with you with Zoom Tips and the materials needed for graphics.
  • We need you to be as present as you can be…so set yourself up with a comfortable chair, snacks and beverages.  If you were in Toronto, we would offer ‘treats’ and snacks throughout the day!
  • Daily/ each time we meet, you’ll want to collect your course materials, writing journal and pens, markers, chalk, paper, and whatever you like to doodle with – because you will be joining us in creating doodles as we engage in graphic recording, facilitation and conversational practices throughout the course.


We offer a signed Certificate of Participation upon request. Inclusion Press does not certify facilitators or PATH and MAPS trainers. We will be pleased to discuss with interested practitioners what we believe to be leading-edge practice before offering to coach and mentor facilitators or before offering training courses within your organization.


$695 for the whole workshop

$625 for people with disabilities/families and team rate per person of teams of 3 or more. The maximum team size is 4 team members.

Standard shipping in North America is included in your workshop registration fee. Expedited shipping and International shipping will be additional. Graphic supplies are at your own expense. 


If you need to cancel your registration:

We need lead time for shipping the course materials to you, as the Orientation start date is October 22, 2024. We will be as flexible as we can – and we know life happens:

  • NOTE re SHIPPING COSTS:  Course books and course pack ship from Canada. Standard shipping in North America for materials is included in the workshop fee until September 30, 2024. International shipping will be at an additional charge. After September 30, an additional charge for Expedited shipping in North America will be added.
  • For teams enrolled, substitutions of participants are possible up to 2 weeks, by October 8, before course Orientation on October 22, 2024.  Please get in touch with us immediately regarding any changes in participantsevents@inclusion.com
  • For individual and team registrations, the course resource pack is non-refundable (the value of the books and materials list price is $125.00).  The discounted workshop cost is $85.00).
  • There is a non-refundable administrative fee of $45.
  • Refunds for Cancellation Before August 15, 2023: Full Registration fee refund or credit with Inclusion Press for courses or publications. Note: deduction of a non-refundable administration fee of $45 and the course pack of $85.
  • Refunds for Cancellation up to September 5, 2024:  75% refund or credit with Inclusion Press for courses or publications (less administration and course pack fees as above.)
  • Refunds for Cancellation up to September 15, 2024:  50% refund or credit with Inclusion Press for courses or publications (less administration and course pack fees as above.)
  • After September 15, 2023, the registration fee is non-refundable. 
  • In the event of emergency issues, don’t hesitate to contact us.