Heather Simmons

Photo of Heather Simmons
Heather Simmons is a life long advocate for people with disabilities – people on the margins.
She is a brilliant author, presenter and thinker. With a lovely Scottish brogue,
she is relentless in challenging us to dig deep, think harder.. be better. Hear her and pause – what can I do now to do better – to be better. Her roots in this work are life long, and incorporate a depth of experience internationally – starting in UK, then Australia, and now back home in Scotland.

The Values of Inclusion

This delightful small book was created at the Down Under Institute in Australia in 2012. It features Heather’s Values of Inclusion plus additional articles by John O’Brien, Connie Lyle O’Brien, Judith Snow, Marsha Forest & Jack Pearpoint

The Big Plan - book cover

The BIG PLAN ebook

The Big Plan is a wonderful introduction to the process of group planning. A collaboration between Steve Coulson and Heather Simmons – a great contribution to this field.

A World that Works for Everyone – Heather Simmons – TEDxBunbury

The Values of Inclusion – Heather Simmons

A Playlist of More Heather Simmons Videos (click to activate)

Writing/Reflections during a Pandemic by Heather Simmons

from C-Change Scotland, compiled and written by Heather Simmons