Toronto Summer Institute 2020: July 11th – 16th – EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION


Need Renewal?  Need new connections?  The Summer Institute is for people who choose to invest themselves in creating and being the change they want to see in the world. People working actively on the complex issues of inclusion and diversity in communities, workplaces and schools will want to attend this event. This Institute is for Thinkers and Doers – for people who know there are no easy answers and who are seeking new ways of thinking and acting.  This will be a unique adventure in building a learning community together.  The institute hosts see themselves as a jazz ensemble who have a definite theme and a flair for improvisation – harmonizing with the participants.
In the heart of downtown Toronto, one of the most multicultural cities in the world – rich in diversity, social activism, and culture. We know you will enjoy the Institute, and all that Toronto offers: great food, great theatre, jazz, the Toronto Islands (great roller-blading and walking), an incredible array of affordable restaurants, the Blue Jays, the MBA Champion Raptors, the people.  Eat your way through the city. Enjoy!
Guarantees are hard to come by, but if you show up, be present, tell the truth and let go of preconceived luggage, you could leave with:
• a network of new colleagues and friends
• knowledge, skills and approaches to change
• a deepened understanding of the foundational values of inclusion
• an introduction to innovations in framing questions & facilitation in person-centred processes.
• an introduction to Asset Based Community Development and community mapping
• an opportunity to explore creative arts and expression
• an introduction to mindfulness practice and self-care
OUR AIM: is that we all celebrate our learning together and leave:
  renewed       refreshed      re-energized   
  to continue our work
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