101 Ways to Facilitate Making Friends


This is a great book about how to make friends,  how to be a friend, how to make a contribution to community. Brimming with ideas and conversation starters to begin powerful journeys into relationships.


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On it’s own or as a companion to the popular 101 Ways to Make Friends: ideas and conversation starters for people with disabilities and their supporters this collection of strategies is for parents, leaders and teachers of all kinds. Each idea is discussed with examples of how we or other facilitators have used it in our work with groups, in the community with individuals or have used it to prepare our communities for successful inclusion.

“What I love most about 101 Ways . . . is that it is not just a book about finding friends. It is a book about being a friend. It is not just a book about finding friends in everyday community places. It is about learning ways to make a contribution to community. Being a good friend or neighbour, son or daughter, brother or sister, aunt or uncle, partner in life. Giving as well as getting. Our social brains love it when we are needed in real ways by other members of the ‘pack.'” from the foreword, by David Pitonyak, “Ours is a Social Brain.”

Illustrated by Aaron Johannes
Foreword by David Pitonyak

ISBN: 978-1-257-05644-6

Approximately 130 pages.  By Aaron Johannes and Susan Stanfield.   Illustrations by Aaron Johannes


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