Cathy Hollands

photo of Cathy Hollands
Cathy Hollands

Cathy Hollands  is the Managing Director of Inclusion Press.  In other words, she is the voice and the engine of the press.  She keeps all of you in books and DVD’s and Lynda and I ‘in line’.

Cathy is also a masterful organizer – quiet, relentless and focused.  So when things go smoothly at Summer Institutes and PATH courses, it is largely because of her masterful organizing of the infrastructure that makes things look seamless.  In fact it is hard work and brilliant organizing.   She is also the queen of hospitality – and keeps all of us happy and well fed.

Cathy is also a remarkable mother of five – and a grandmother for four – and counting.  

Cathy is the current chair of the Board of the Marsha Forest Centre, having joined the board in the early 90’s..