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A one day Introduction to the

Tools for Change CD-ROM

This course introduces many of the 70 tools included on the Trainer's CD-ROM - Tools for Change. Using the CD-ROM, many tools will be scanned and introduced briefly so participants will have familiarity with the range of tools on the CD - and how they might be utilized.

Bring your own computer and experiment.

Try some exercises live.

For Whom:
  • People who want to run better Meetings - that accomplish something.
  • People (trainers and organizers) who will be doing training.
  • People concerned about planning to give people a life, and who are willing to step out of the box in order to make that happen.
  • People planning and/or conducting meetings and events.
  • People who are willing to invest time and effort in building relationships for people who are relegated to isolation, or organizations that are imploding with miscommunication and lack of clear vision!
Conductors: Jack Pearpoint and John O'Brien
(Other team members may be utilized on occasion)

The days will include:
  • Person Centered Planning foundation values (Tricks for trainers without values are meaningless and dangerous)
  • How and why/when to use Props
  • Color Music Food
  • Graphics and graphic facilitation
  • Creating/Using photos, posters, flipcharts, slide shows, digital imagery
  • Creative problem solving techniques such as Six Thinking Hats, Solution Circles, Talking Stick Reflections, etc.
  • Making Meetings Matter - a handout
* special discount for participants on CD-ROM purchase

This course can only accommodate smaller size groups.
Paper, pens and other supplies must be ordered well in advance.

For bookings, contact:

Cathy Hollands
Managing Director, Inclusion Press/Network
47 Indian Trail, Toronto, ON. M6R 1Z8 Canada
tel: 416-658-5363 fax: 416-658-5067
E-Mail: cathy@inclusion.com

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