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Mozart Effect

We had the privilege of hearing Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect. What follows is a handout he prepared of suggestions of music that will assist us in different situations.

The Mozart Effect Resource Center
3526 Washington Ave.
Saint Louis, MO 63103-1019, USA
800-721-2177 or 314-531-4756

Sound Suggestions

Music for Relaxation (low beta, high theta)
Music for The Mozart Effect, II (Spring Hill)
The Mozart Effect, Music for Children, II (Children's Group)
Gregorian Chant, Gregoran Sampler, Solesmes (Paraclete Press)
Rosa Mystica - Therese Schroeder-Sheker (Celestial Harmonies)
Sunsinger - Paul Winter (Living Music)
Essence CD - Don Campbell (Spring Hill)
Relax with the Classics, III, Pastorale (Lind)
Music for Deep Rest and Meditation (Alpha-theta)
Thursday Afternoon - Brian Eno (Sony)
Music for Airports - Brian Eno (EMI)
Deep Listening - Pauline Oliveros (New Albion)
Dolphin Dreams - Jonathan Goldman (Spirit Music)
Angels - Don Campbell (MHE)
Relax with the Classics - Vol. 1, Largo (Lind)
Essence - Don Campbell - Runes (Spring Hill)
Sonic Stimulation, Arousal, Invigoration (beta)
The Mozart Effect Music for Children, III (Children's Group)
Saving the Wildlife - Mannheim Streamroller (Amer. Gramophone)
Rondo 2000 - Rondo Veneziano (Baby)
Fireworks - Eugene Ormandy & the Boston Pops (RCA)
Earthbeat - Paul Winter (Living Music)
Mouthmusic (Ryko)
Soundtrack from "Flashdance" (Casablanca)
Music from "Riverdance"

Music for the Morning
Music for The Mozart Effect I, andante grazioso, Lodron Night Music; Molto Allegro, Symphone #14 in A Major (Spring Hill)
The Mozart Effect, Music for Children I, Andante, Symphony #17 (Children's Group)
New Friends - Eugene Friesen (Living Music)
Kaleidoscope - Bill Douglas (Celestial Harmonies)
Bach, The Well Tempered Klavier - Keith Jarrett (ECM)
Handel, Suites for Keyboard - Keith Jarrett (ECM)

Music and the Journey to Work
Music for The Mozart Effect I, Church Sonata in C Major (Spring Hill)
Music for The Mozart Effect III, Menuetto, Divertimento in D Major, Allegretto grazioso, Piano Sonata in B flat Major (Spring Hill)
Bach, Brandenburg Concertos
FreshAire, Vols. 2, 3, & 4 - Mannheim Steamroller (American Graophone)

Music for Concentration and Learning
Music for The Mozart Effect I, Allegro, Violin Concerto #3, G Major; Allegro, Piano Concerto #1, F major; Ronde-Allegretto
Graziose-Sonata F Major, violin and piano (Spring Hill)
The Mozart Effect, Music for Children I, Rondo, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik; Allegro moderato, Violin concerto #2 (Children's Group)

Music for Study Time
Music for The Mozart Effect II, Andante sostenuto from Violin Sonata, C Major (Spring Hill)
The Mozart Effect, Music for Children II, Voi che sapete, Marriage of Figaro; Andante, Cassation (Children's Group)
Mozart, String Quartets - Mozart
Telemann, Violin, Harp and Flute Concertos
Zamfir, Baroque Music for the Panpipes (Phillips)
Relax with the Classics, Vol. 2, Adagio (Lind)

Music for Commuting Home
Music for The Mozart Effect III, Tempo di menuetto, Piano Concerto #1, D Major; Andante Symphony #4 in D Major; Dance #3, 12 German Dances (Spring Hill)
Bobby McFerrin, Medicine Music (EMI)
Kitaro, Silk Road
Relax with the Classics, Vol. 4, Andante (Lind)

Music for Reverie and Emotional Processing
Music for The Mozart Effect III, Adagio-Allegro, String Quartet, C Major (Spring Hill)
Essence - Don Campbell (Spring Hill Music)
Soundtrack from "The Remains of the Day"
Soundtrack from "Out of Africa"
Soundtrack from "The Mission"
Music for Kinesthetic Imagery
Music for The Mozart Effect
Music for Children III (Children's Group)
Jean-Michel Jarre, Equinox & Oxygen
Olatanji, Drums of Passion

Music for Inspiration
Bach, Mass in B minor (Phillips)
Hymns Triumphant - London Philharmonic Choir (Sparrow Records)
Mozart, Requiem
Durufle, Faure, Fequiem (Erato)
John Rutter, Gloria
Paul Winter, Missa Gaia (Living Music)
Noirin Ni Riain, Stor Amhran (Sounds True)
Arvo Part, Tabla Rasa - (EMI)
Arvo Part, Miserere (EMI)

Educational Tapes
The Power of Music - Don Campbell (Nightingale-Conant)
Heal Yourself with your Own Voice (Sounds True)
Healing with Great Music (Sounds True)
Healing with Tone and Chant (Quest)

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