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An Afrikan World Conference

on Building NEW Futures

June 8 - 11, 2004
Jinja, Uganda - the source of the River Nile.

We are ONE People: Multiple Dreams for a Different World Transforming Thought, Learning and Action.

The 2004 Afrikan World Encounter On Building New Futures

The International Conference on Multiple Dreams, Building New Futures, will be held at the Source of the Nile, on the shores of Lake Victoria (its Ugandan name is Nalubaale, meaning "Lake of the Goddesses"), in the city of Jinja, Uganda, East Afrika, June 8 -11, 2004. The Conference is convened by Mpambo, The Afrikan Multiversity and co-sponsored by Transformative Learning/Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto; Inclusion Press International and the Marsha Forest Centre; the Human Rights and Peace Education Centre (HURIPEC), Makerere University; Busoga University; Afrika Study Centre; the Uganda Adult Education Network; with the support of Northern Illinois University; the Lindeman Centre and Heritage Trail Uganda.

At a time when the civilizations of the world are at crossroads, it is symbolic that the meeting will take place in the Afrikan Great Lakes Region, the Cradle of Humankind. What is more, it is at the Source of the Nile, Mother of the World's magnificent classical Egyptian (Kemetic) Civilization where participants will ponder the possibilities for humanity to rise to higher heights.

This conference will provide a platform for innovative, new frontier thinkers and entrepreneurs, including, but not limited to, scholars, researchers, students, reformers, innovators, inventors and activists, in academe, civil society, the private and public sectors. It is a conference for men and women who dare to dream of a different world, and are fired enough to be doing something about it. They will come together to share their visions and on the basis of their work, to actualize their worlds. The conference will be a cross-cultural, cross-paradigm, inter-continental, and inter-civilizational platform for dialogue and solidarity. Presenters will define their worlds: past, present and future.

Contributions are invited in diverse formats, from a wide range of visions, practice and perspectives, including, but not limited to, the following areas:

Indigenous Knowledge Systems.
Adult, Popular and Lifelong Education.
Family Studies.
Community Empowerment.
Land, Language, Culture and Identity.
Peace and Conflict Resolution.
Governance, Local Global.
Creative and Performing Art.
Science and Technology.
Youth, Elders and Inter-Generational Issues.
Classical History.

Partners in the African World Conference
on Building New Futures:

Afrika Study Centre
Busoga University
Heritage Trail Uganda
Human Rights and Peace Education Centre (HURIPEC),Makerere University
Inclusion Press International & the Marsha Forest Centre - Toronto
Linderman Center - Chicago
Mpambo Multiversity Alliance - Chicago
North Carolina State University
Northern Illinois University: Center for Black Studies
PRIA - India
Transformative Learning Centre/Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, OISE - Toronto
Uganda Adult Education Network
University of Victoria - Canada

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