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When Person Centered Planning was created, it was simply a way to title processes that put the individual in the middle of their own planning. Decades later, it has collected an enormous array of luggage, including many mandated legal implications which were not part of the original concept. OUR usage is simply a catchment term to notice that many of the planning methods we have developed have an individuals' interest as their essence.

Part of our understanding is that Person Centered means planning with people - not doing to them. They will be central to their own plans, and we will do what it takes to give them the maximum possible safe management of their own planning and lives. The purpose is to give people full lives.

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All My Life's a CircleAll My Life's a Circle
New Expanded Edition
Using the Tools: Circles, MAPS and PATH

by by M. Falvey, M. Forest, J. Pearpoint and R. Rosenberg

>All Means All Pack
The Big PlanThe Big Plan
A Good Life after School

Stephen Coulson and
Heather Simmons

Celebrating the Ordinary
Celebrating the Ordinary
The emergence of options in community living as a thoughtful organization

by John O'Brien, Connie Lyle O'Brien & Gail Jacob

>Community Living Pack
Hints for Graphic Facilitators
Hints for Graphic Facilitators
Starting out or want a graphics refresher. Try this simple 'how to' book. A Person Centered tool.

by Jack Pearpoint
Hints for Graphic Facilitators
Implementing Person-Centered Planning
Voices of Experience

John O'Brien & Connie Lyle O'Brien - Editors

>Person-Centered Planning
The Inclusion Papers
The Inclusion Papers
Strategies to make inclusion happen

by Jack Pearpoint

>Inclusion Classic
   Books Pack
A Little Book About Person Centered PlanningA Little Book About Person Centered Planning
Ways to think about person-centered planning

John O'Brien & Connie Lyle O'Brien - Editors

>Person-Centered Planning

Members of Each Other
Building community in company with people with developmental disabilities

by John O'Brien and Connie Lyle O'Brien

>Community Living Pack

One Candle Power
Circles of Support - a classic seven volume series from Communitas edited and updated.

Edited by Cathy Ludlum
The PATH & MAPS HandbookThe PATH & MAPS Handbook
Person-Centered Ways to Build Community

John O'Brien, Jack Pearpoint and Lynda Kahn
Person-Centered Planning with MAPS and PATH
Person-Centered Planning with MAPS and PATH
A Workbook for Facilitators

by John O'Brien & Jack Pearpoint


All Means All
All Means All
An introduction to Circles, Maps and Paths

>All Means All Pack
Facilitiation for Inclusion
with PATH & MAPS

Alan Sloan


Together We're Better

Together We're Better
A staff development kit for inclusion
PetroglyphsTools for Change CD-Rom
70 tools, 180 overheads, 30 video clips, 4 slide shows, hundreds of instructional. screen pages. 4 years in creating.

Marsha Forest, Jack Pearpoint and John O'Brien's first CD ROM.

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