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MAPS -- Making Action Plans -- is a planning process for people and organizations that begins with a story - the history. Maps has a series of empty container questions that ask a person/organization to tell us some of the milestones on their journey, so we can get to know them, dream with them, and begin to build a plan to move in the direction of their dreams.

MAPS means Maps. We have abandoned acronyms. Maps is about listening to a person's dreams, acknowledging their nightmares, then building a rich portrait of their gifts and talents so we are able to focus on simple daily actions that move them in constructive directions.

MAPS is a wonderful way to 'get to know' someone, in schools, in communities, in life. It is powerful and requires skilled facilitation by two facilitators - in order to make it safe for the MAP finder. A simple guideline: do no harm. The books and videos listed here introduce the idea, and demonstrate how it can be utilized with safely and integrity to move people toward a full life. Although MAPS originated in the 'disability' sector, its applications cover the full spectrum of life situations.

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Action for InclusionAction for Inclusion
How to improve schools by welcoming children with special needs into regular classrooms
by O'Brien & Forest with J. Pearpoint, Snow & Hasbury
>Inclusion Classic
   Books Pack
All My Life's a CircleAll My Life's a Circle
New Expanded Edition
Using the Tools: Circles, MAPS and PATH

by by M. Falvey, M. Forest, J. Pearpoint and R. Rosenberg

>All Means All Pack
Hints for Graphic Facilitators
Hints for Graphic Facilitators
Starting out or want a graphics refresher. Try this simple 'how to' book. A Person Centered tool.

by Jack Pearpoint
Hints for Graphic Facilitators
Implementing Person-Centered Planning
Voices of Experience

John O'Brien & Connie Lyle O'Brien - Editors

>Person-Centered Planning
A Little Book About Person Centered PlanningA Little Book About Person Centered Planning
Ways to think about person-centered planning

John O'Brien & Connie Lyle O'Brien - Editors

>Person-Centered Planning

One Candle Power
Circles of Support - a classic seven volume series from Communitas edited and updated.

Edited by Cathy Ludlum
The PATH & MAPS HandbookThe PATH & MAPS Handbook
Person-Centered Ways to Build Community

John O'Brien, Jack Pearpoint and Lynda Kahn
Person-Centered Planning with MAPS and PATH
Person-Centered Planning with MAPS and PATH
A Workbook for Facilitators

by John O'Brien & Jack Pearpoint


All Means All
All Means All
An introduction to Circles, Maps and Paths

>All Means All Pack
Kids Belong Together
Kids Belong Together
24 minute celebration of friendship and joy
Miller's Map

Miller's Map
Inclusion, Friendship and MAPS

ReDiscovering MAPS
ReDiscovering MAPS
Charting Your Journey Vision, Focus, Action
Shafik's Map

Shafik's Map
A high-caliber MAPS training video
With a Little Help from My Friends

With a Little Help from My Friends
Creating schools where all kids belong and learn together

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