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It Matters

Lessons from my son

by Janice Fialka


A collection of poems and prose written by Janice Fialka, a social worker, national speaker, and a mother of two children, one of whom has developmental disabilities (and many wonderful abilities!). Her writings honestly describe the range of feelings and experiences of being a parent of a child with special needs. She writes about inclusion, use of labels, the strength of support groups, talking to siblings about special needs, and the power of feelings. Her much-published "Advise to Professionals who must 'conference cases'" and "You can make a difference in our lives" are both included. It Matters is full of honest emotions and insights for both parents and professionals. This book has a place in the classroom, at the agency, or in the quiet corner of the bedside stand.

You have put all those feelings and words of wisdom on paper in an easy to read, succinct format that makes it easy to share with professionals without offending them. THANK YOU! In fact, I don't know how to thank you enough. I have shared copies of It Matters with teachers and administrator to help us create a common ground.
-Mary Jane Williams, Texas, mother of two children with special needs.

It Matters is a wonderful book. Students in my class on the Psychology of Exceptional Children love it because the poems and essays draw them into the world of a family of the special child in a way that no textbook does. Student evaluations rate is as the most enjoyable and significant reading in the course.
Larry Lilliston, PhD, Oakland University

This book will have a profound effect on graduate students, staff, and parents, Janice has shared with us deeply personal material and the gift of her writing talents. We have all learned and been changed by her.
Barry Schumer, MSW, University of Michigan and School Social Worker

It Matters is wonderful, heartfelt, profound, moving, practical, and beautiful. I was deeply touched reading and re-reading it. The world needs your insights.
- Michael Castleman, author of eight books, considered "one of the nation's top health writers" (Library Journal).

Powerful prose and poetry that cuts to the quick, conjures tears, and reveals the glory of the dawn. Great reading for anyone but, in particular professionals who deal with families. This should be required reading.
Jack Pearpoint, The Inclusion Press

A great resource book for anyone, but essential for professionals who deal with families, and families who deal with professionals. It is a great "community reference book" for libraries.

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